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About Us

Sidcan is a customer-focused general contractor with a clear mission of constructing what matters for the long-term success of employees, clients and strategic partners. Sidcan portfolio ranges from expertise in commercial, institutional, commercial and residential markets.

Our employees are experienced, dedicated and skilled in project execution. Our Sidcan team works tirelessly to ensure we are the best at what we do by making the right decision for Sidcan as well as for all our partners. Each one of our employees is a professional and is an integral part of our achievements and accomplishments.

Our employees are our greatest asset!


Our vision & mission

Our vision is to rank among the best construction professionals through our continuous improvement approach with a mission in building the future with pride and commitment while building on the foundation of our legacy.

Our values

Sidcan was founded and remains grounded on below principles at the same time working in a safe and unified manner that achieves predictable, quality results. The concept of Constructing with Integrity perfectly integrates our values with how we do business.

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About Us

Sidcan is an important legacy and strong expertise in Montreal. Married to a new and avant-garde dynamism, the company excels at building high quality, sustainable, innovative and distinguished buildings. Our goal is also to satisfy our customers at all levels.

At Sidcan, the customer is not just a client, he is a partner with whom the collaboration is sincere and committed. Building buildings, but also trusting relationships and making sure to exceed the expectations of its customers are part of a value system set up by the founders of the company.

Sidcan’s administrators are involved in the promotion of culture, the development of Montreal’s metropolis, and the urban revitalization of old neighbourhoods. The strengths of our approach are a professional and personalized service, executed by an experienced team.

The Sidcan team has already successfully completed projects with renowned professionals and our relationship with key subcontractors allows us to guarantee the highest quality of work.

At the heart of the Sidcan promise, there is a dynamic team, dedicated to the long-term satisfaction of its customers, which is why it is committed to offering a service of the highest quality but also very personalized and accessible.

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Our employees are at the heart of our growth strategy

All of Sidcan achievements are part of our amazing culture based on our corporate values. We ensure to always put collaboration first between our teams and partners in order to be successful at what we do! Sidcan has been able to innovate and increase its growth by ensuring we always work as a Team. All of this growth will not be possible if we did not have our employees as our most important asset!

Our workforce today includes professionals and experienced workers who deliver outstanding results and service to our customers. At Sidcan we dedicate ourselves in always providing the right training and skills needed to our employees in order to constantly make our organization grow.